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To celebrate Mikey forever and to continue to cherish his memory, we have
established the
Michael Marcell Memorial Fund.
Our Mission
November 9, 1990
December 7, 2008
Michael Marcell Memorial Fund  -  P.O.  Box 130  -  Wittman, MD 21676
Michael Marcell Memorial Fund
Michael Anthony Marcell November 9, 1990 - December 7, 2008
Our Promise
We will make a difference
Mikey just celebrated his 18th birthday...
Your entire contribution is deployed to support the mission of the fund.
All fund expenses are funded by the trustees.
The Fund will provide, through its collaboration with other community
organizations, support and assistance to young people in need.

We will strive to reduce alcohol, tobacco and other drug use by
changing the norms in the community and promoting a safe and
healthy environment for people to lead productive life.